Well, it's finally here. Go HERE to download the latest and last issue of FLURO Magazine. Due to economic bullshit we haven't been able to print this issue so online the only way you can get it. Spread it wide and far! The FLURO crew is heading off on worldly adventures this year so we are splitting for the meantime. We have had a blast bringing the magazine to you all for the last few years and will miss it for sure. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out and put up with us while we hammered it out. Also to all the advertisers, we could not have done it without you.


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Large Paint Supply

I still remain in a flabbergasted state after last years Muto, the wall animation by Blu.

In a collaboration with David Ellis he has slopped down paint to produce yet another mind blowing animation project for this years FAME festival. Run your beady little eyes over these:


All quiet on the Western front...

Heres why we've been all hushed up for so damn long. FLURO 10 is coming. We promise. If you have been finding it hard to cope without your latest issue why not head HERE for some brilliant life advice from someone well in the know. We'll be with ya'll shortly.



These are all images from my favourite site where I go to find beautiful/provocative/inspiring images. Its called FFFOUND!


'Art' or 'advertising'

Yes this probably is the best ad in the world.



Woohoo! We love BNM, and lucky for us - they're coming to Welly again.

Yes boy and girls, as part of their 'August Excursion' they're playing in Chch tonight, at Mighty in Welly tomo - and back up to Auckland again.
Hang on, doesn't that qualify as a full NZ tour???

This is what happened to the crowd last time they played: I'm not quiet sure what that was a about...
It looks pretty amazing!
Tomo with Tiddabades and DJ Shorty K - it's gonna be a sweet night


The googlization of everything

Perhaps contradictory to the last post, I'm putting it out there: The age of 'tangible texts' is certainly up in question. What with online journals, videos, novels, forums, emails, photo albums, diaries ( read: blog entries) the list goes on and on... you get my drift?

So when you die, what will become if this 'intangible' YOU?

I stumbled across this site yesterday http://googlization.com/ and I think it's hilarious for making comment on this cultural shift...

Because if you can't be googled - do you really even exist?


Bringing back mystery and romance to books...

Aww bless.

It's Wellington library week and the staff must having been working into over time to implement the loveliest idea.

Lots of books have been wrapped in brown paper with a short plot description, allowing you to get out a mystery book, take a gamble and perhaps discover a new author.

Choosing a book has never been so much fun, it takes me back to the days of lucky dip at school galas.

This one says:
Two famous Paris couturiers lived a magical life in the sixties, but then the excesses of the seventies and eighties cast a shadow over their lives.

Oooh, I wonder what it is.


A few vids 'doing the rounds' at the moment that are somewhat related. Aww yeah.



Scratch 22 and Tourettes are in Welly ( having battled with their fear of flying) to perform at Mighty Mighty - Tonight! Along with Tommy Ill, you'd have to be stupid to miss this.

There's even 3 posters circulating for the event. WOAH! LOL>